Running the webapp locally

You can run the same webapp available online locally.

After installing Aequitas, run the following command in your terminal.

python -m serve

You should see th output:

* Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

Load data

Use the browse ... button to select a properly formated csv. (see input data) Hit upload.

Customize report

  • choose attributes

    • these are automatically pulled out from the CSV

  • choose reference group

    • majority: for a given attribute use the majority group

    • min metric: for a given attribute use the group with the lowest scores as a baseline

    • custom group: pick groups to serve as reference

  • choose metrics you care about

    • Equal Parity

    • Proportional Parity

    • False Positive Parity

    • False Negative Parity

  • choose fairness threshold

Get ‘The Bias Report’

The webapp returns descriptive interpretation of the results along with three sets of tables.

  • Fairness Measures Results

  • Bias Metrics Results

  • Group Metrics Results

More information about output here.