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Usability and User Interface Design#


When you're working on data science for social good projects, you'll usually be partnering with (or working within) an organization, and there will be many stakeholders, or people who influence or will be influenced by your work. These stakeholders will be both within and outside the organization, including you, whoever is funding the work, the people who create and collect the data, and the people who are actually affected by your analysis and the decisions it drives. To make sure that your work is creating a useful and usable solution to a real problem (and not just wasting your and everyone else's time), we borrow some ideas from the school of agile development.


  • Agile development: iterative development, user stories
  • Wireframes


  • Slides
  • Suggested reading: The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman, The Lean Startup by Eric Ries,
  • User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development by Mike Cohn